Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your care products?

Our products are available in health food stores, health food stores (such as Ekoplaza, Natuurwinkel and Holland & Barrett) and in some drugstores and specialist care stores. In addition, you can of course also buy them online via our website.

Your products carry the BDIH quality mark. What does that mean?

BDIH is an independent organization for certification of natural cosmetics. The BDIH quality mark guarantees consumers that the certified products are made exclusively from natural raw materials, namely vegetable oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts, floral water and essential oils and aromas from controlled organic cultivation. In addition to the careful choice with regard to vegetable raw materials, the sustainability of the product plays a major role: the product must be produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, the raw materials must be capable of being broken down in an environmentally-friendly manner and the packaging must be made as much as possible from recyclable material . Only products that meet these strict criteria may carry the BDIH quality mark.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, we don't and we never have. We only test our end products on people and the ingredients that we purchase are also not tested on animals. This is also not permitted according to the BDIH standards and European legislation.

My skin (or hair) feels different now that I have switched to natural cosmetics. How did that happen?

We often see that our skin or hair has become "lazy" with mineral oil and silicone products. A familiarization period when switching to natural cosmetics is therefore very normal. Your hair can feel a bit stiffer and your skin a little flakier due to the lack of a silicone layer. After a while you will notice that your skin's balance has been restored and your skin will feel soft and supple even without chemical additives.

Why is the composition of the products occasionally adjusted?

Our starting point is to keep formulas the same. However, the knowledge about natural ingredients and our experience with this is increasing. Sometimes we come to the conclusion that a certain ingredient makes a product even better and we add that. In addition, we depend on the range of ingredients. This must meet our requirements. If that is no longer the case, we will adjust the composition of a product. Finally, the legal requirements for cosmetic products change regularly, so that we sometimes have to adjust something. The composition of a formula is always stated in the INCI (ingredient list) on the product itself.

Do you also have products for vegans?

All Bee honest cosmetics products are made with natural raw materials, the majority of which are vegetable. Ingredients of animal origin are used for some products, namely honey, pollen, beeswax, royal jelly and propolis. Products from our range that are completely free of these types of ingredients and therefore suitable for vegans: the skin cream chamomile, the complete baby & child line, our hand soaps, our shampoos and conditioners (except aloe vera & honey, olive & propolis and lavender & pollen variants), the bath & shower series (except the aloe vera & honey and coconut variant), and our shower creams and body milks (except the aloe vera & honey variants).

Is there plastic in your products?

Our products do not contain microplastics that end up in the sea.

The shower cream does not foam. Is that correct?

Yes that's right. Our shower cream contains more nourishing and caring ingredients than a regular shower gel, so the foaming effect is less. The cleaning effect is the same!

There are flakes in my shampoo or bath & shower. How did that happen?

We work with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, honey and propolis. Due to the combination with the salts in the shampoo and bath & shower formulas, white crystal-like flakes can arise. This does not affect the quality, you can continue to use the products. When you place the products in a warm place, you will see that these flakes disappear again.

I have a gluten allergy. Can I then use your products?

Our shampoos contain nourishing wheat proteins (with the exception of olive & propolis and lavender & pollen shampoo), but the rest of the products do not contain gluten. So you have plenty of choice!

Do your cleaning products contain SLS or SLES?

We only want to work with mild plant-based detergents, so we do not use SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) or SLES (sodium laureth sulphate). Our products are also certified by BDIH and then the use of SLS and SLES is not permitted.

How sustainable are your packaging?

When we purchase packaging, we look for the balance between sustainability, safety for health and monitoring the quality of the products. We are constantly improving our packaging and therefore also its sustainability. Our packaging must be resistant to the essential oils contained in most of our products and at the same time they must protect the product from light and oxygen. That is why we work a lot with PET, a recyclable type of plastic without the hormone-disrupting substance BPA (bisphenol A). You can therefore deposit empty packaging in the plastic recycling bin.


Is your soap pH neutral?

Our skin has a pH value of approximately 5 and is therefore slightly acidic. That's good, because that natural acid mantle protects us against dehydration, bacteria and allergic reactions. It is important to keep this acid mantle intact when caring for the skin. During cleansing with a soap you remove excess oils, dirt and germs well with a basic pH value of around 10. To care for the skin and to prevent it from drying out there are 'greasy' olive, palm and coconut oils in our soaps. For extra care, we recommend using one of our body butters or body milks after cleaning.

Why do you use perfume?

For the fragrance experience we perfume our products with essential oils and natural fragrance extracts. Because the term 'perfume' is also used with synthetic fragrances, confusion can occur. Again: we do not use synthetic fragrances and only work with natural components.

Why is there alcohol in some products?

Alcohol is important for the stability of the product and for the shelf life of products that contain water. In addition, alcohol has a disinfecting and cooling effect on the skin. Due to the low concentration in combination with the other caring and moisturizing ingredients, you do not have to worry that our products with alcohol dry out your skin.

What happened to the honey and chamomile cream jars?

First of all, the glass packaging has become a plastic packaging, whereby a BPA-free plastic type has been chosen. Just like glass, this is recyclable, but lighter and therefore less polluting during transport. In addition, the contents of the honey and chamomile skin cream jars have changed from 120 ml to 100 ml, while the price has remained the same. This is a price increase that is based, among other things, on the raw material price increases passed on to us in recent years. In order to be able to continue to carry the product profitably in our range, we have decided to pass on these costs in our selling price after years.