De Traay hands over the Biodiversity Check to Odin Imkerij

Wilco Schets, managing director de Traay (right) handed over the check to Odin beekeeper Jos Willemsen (left). With this check, the first steps can be taken to promote biodiversity on 2 biodynamic farms.

The research focuses in the first instance on an inventory of the flora and fauna on the grounds of the farms. Which species and how many animals, insects and plants are there? Is there sufficient food supply? Based on this baseline measurement, an action plan is drawn up to increase biodiversity. For example, there may be recommendations for additional planting, the application of landscape elements such as water features, hills or wood rills, or other measures.

The research will be carried out these months by ecologist Martijn Bunskoek. The results of the survey will be presented via a webinar later this year.