Sustainable packaging from Bee honest cosmetics

PCR stands for post-consumer recycled, this is recycled material used by the end user. Think of empty toothpaste tubes, plastic bags or empty drink bottles that you as a consumer throw in the rubbish bin. The purpose of this circular material is to reuse products and raw materials as much as possible. Recycling plastic creates new plastic products. The tubes consist of different layers with the inner layer not coming into contact with PCR, hence the 57% PCR.

The advantages of PCR material:

• saving on the use of fossil raw materials through reuse

• the material is made from waste

• reduction of CO2 emissions

• contribution to reducing the waste mountain

• it is circular: the packaging can be recycled

Bee honest cosmetics is switching from the current bilingual packaging to a four-language packaging. The shampoo bars & conditioners already went in for this. For optimal shelf presentation and due to the multilingual packaging, the tube is packed in an outer box of FSC cardboard.

In addition to honey, bees also make other special products, all rich in active ingredients that help keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful. We make good use of this and combine it with carefully selected plant extracts.

Since every skin also needs specific care, the formulas are precisely tailored to the needs of different skin types. The day creams provide protection against harmful external influences and our night creams support the skin's self-healing capacity. They contain natural active ingredients, including sweet almond oil, organic honey from de Traay and beeswax.

That feels good!