Where we come from

In 1972 Wouter Vuijk was student silversmith. He combined his studies with his passion for healthy food and opened a small organic shop in his student room. He purchased assorted tasty products from a local beekeeper and sold these in his shop. Wouter became friendly with the beekeeper, who aroused his interest in beekeeping. Not long after Wouter decided to buy his first own beehive.

Some years later, in 1977, Wouter purchased a piece of land in Leersum and Imkerij de Traay was born. The apiary was situated on Traayweg, once a winding sand path between Leersum and Doorn… giving our company its name, “de Traay”!

Honey is a natural product which is a good alternative for refined sugar. It is also very tasty and contains properties which are beneficial for our skin and hair. So, in 1993 Bee honest cosmetics was introduced, then under the name de Traay. A range of personal care products based on honey or honey-related ingredients, or alternatively, good-quality natural raw materials. Supplemented by delicious scents which titillate the senses.

Our name is a reference to our origins: good-quality bee products plus the natural ingredients we use in our personal care products. All good nutrition for the skin!

Kind to your body and kind to nature

Bee honest cosmetics offers personal care products for the conscious consumer who is looking for affordable natural cosmetics. Bee honest cosmetics was inspired by the bee and makes grateful use of special care ingredients such as honey, beeswax, propolis and Gelee royale. Bee honest cosmetics distinguishes itself from other brands by its active role in improving the environment of bees.

Bee honest cosmetics offers a choice of more than 90 certified care products for your most important possession; your body. Tailored to the needs of different skin types. Bee honest cosmetics believes that external beauty, healthy nutrition and general well-being provide the right balance between body and mind. A well-groomed body contributes to being comfortable in your own skin.

Because of our passion for natural cosmetics, Bee honest cosmetics only has products that are BDIH / COSMOS certified. This way you not only contribute to taking care of yourself, but also to a better world.

Kind to your body and kind to nature.

That is the power of Bee honest cosmetics.

That feels good!