Our honey

De Traay combines traditional beekeeping with modern-day honey-processing. The result is a dazzling assortment of delicious high-quality honey varietals like linden honey with a hint of mint, fresh acacia honey or Provence lavender honey. We ensure that a wide range of delicious honeys is available to you.

Our honey is passionately tasted, tested and processed in the Flevopolder. For over 35 years we have our own beekeeping. Our daily work with our bee colonies still forms the basis for our highly professional honey production. 

To minimalize the strain on the environment, de Traay buys as much honey as possible from regional European beekeepers. Sometimes however, we have to import honey from further away where large, unspoilt natural areas are home to specific sorts,  such as the tea tree (Manuka) in New Zeeland.

What is honey

Honey is an unadulterated natural product, a sweet, clear liquid made by honey bees from the nectar of flowering plants, trees and shrubs. A bee needs around 20,000 wing strokes to collect one litre of nectar that will eventually produce 150 grams of honey. The bees’ collecting zeal gives them an important place in nature; flying from blossom to blossom in search of nectar, they pollinate these blossoms, thus contributing to the conservation of many plant sorts.


Honey is pure, natural and high-quality foodstuff. It is easily digestible, can be used for beauty and medicinal purposes, and is free from bacteria. Honey has a high calorie count, approximately 320 calories (1340kJ) per 100 grams. These calories can be directly converted into energy, making them very popular with sportspeople, for example.

Set or liquid honey

In its natural state, honey is liquid. After a number of weeks or months, honey may crystallize. This is particularly due to the natural glucose it contains, which crystallizes fast. Its crystallization speed is also determined by its water percentage, its preparation and its temperature; the warmer it is, the slower the honey crystallizes. To return crystallized honey to its liquid state without quality loss, the honey can be heated up to a maximum of 40º Celsius, thus conserving its enzymes. Set honey is delicately crystallized honey with a deliciously creamy consistency, made by the monitored stirring of liquid honey with crystallization cores.